Dr. Michael Freese is terrific!

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| March, 5 2018 | for Michael E. Freese, MD

Dr. Michael Freese is terrific!

Over the past two years + I have had several serious health issues. These have included a melanoma and related surgeries, unexpected, and adverse, reaction to immunothearpy, pancreatic stone, partial pancratocomyand related secondary diabetes, spleenectomy and eye issues. At each step of the way Dr. Freese Mike has been right at my side. He has guided me through all of the issues with clear explanations of the issues, the proceedures I was undrgoing, the expected outcome, the relavant dangers and what to expect with each proceedure or treatment. Mike has guided me to the best specialists whether in Cincinnati or further afield. In every event Mike has had my best interest at heart.

With each new experience has come additional treatments or follow-ups. Mike has insured that I understood each protocol and the ramifications of each treatment. He has closly followed me with the appropreate test and exams.

Because of Mike's close care and careful attention to my issues I am well down the road to better health, if nor recovery!

Dr. Freese's knowledge, skill, attention and care have been critical to the progress I have made. It is not too strong a statement to say that his care is the reason I have improved so much. I could not have arrived where I am without his expert care.

On top of Mike Freese's excellent medical skills he is truly a warm and caring person. He always has time to address my questions and my issues. I always feel that I am his only patient though I know that I am not.

Dr. Freese is a terrific physician, and is also an outstanding person. I am fortunate to be in his practice, and have benefited immeasurably from his care. He has made all the difference.