Dr. Morris was a Lifesaver

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| May, 25 2021 | for Paige E. Morris, MD

When I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and double pneumonia in July, my MDVIP Physician proved to be a lifesaver--literally.
Dr. Paige Morris became my quarterback when I was hospitalized and sent to ICU where I stayed for 40 days.
Not only did Dr. Morris see me everyday--including weekends and during a hurricane---she was available via phone and text to answer my questions and provide reassurance and encouragement.
Being isolated from family and friends with a serious illness is harrowing and my case of Covid was horrifying. I couldn't breathe or sit up.
So having a doctor who cared, brought me little comfort gifts from home as well as answered my numerous questions was invaluable. Dr. Morris has a huge heart.
It is also important to have someone take charge of your care and Dr. Morris coordinated infectious disease specialists, nurses, therapists. pulmonologists, urologists and other who worked around the clock to keep me alive.
Having an MDVIP doctor made all the difference for me. Having this special doctor in my life allowed me to come home and recuperate successfully.
I'm so grateful for Dr. Morris and all healthcare providers.