Dr. Ned Legare

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| March, 30 2024 | for Edward J. Legare, MD, FACP

Dr Legare has been my dr for 25 years. In that 25 years I’ve only known him to be the most caring, concerned, and insanely thorough Dr in the world. I had switched to his care after my first Dr left and I knew I wanted him as my Dr as he was already my husband’s Dr. Luckily even though his practice was closed, he still accepted me. I have nothing but so much respect for Dr. Legare. He literally takes care of me better than any Dr I’ve ever seen. His bedside manner and how much he shows he cares is tops. I can email him when I have a question, concern, or just need an ear to listen. He is always there whether on vacation or at home. (Even though I hate to bother him on vacation). But he is still there for an email. When I lost a significant amount of weight and had a really great appointment coming up he was amazingly proud of me. So happy he played the Rocky theme as I walked in. It’s an appointment I’ll never forget. He was so happy and so was I. My health was significantly improved and he was thrilled. So I’m still trying to stay at my new weight just so he can stay that proud of me. I hate to let him down after all the work I put into losing weight. I’ve also had an issue for 10 months and he has sent me to another dr but now it’s still an issue he is not satisfied with how I feel. So he isn’t stopping trying to get me better and I’m so appreciative of his determination to make me better. He also takes care of my husband and I know he is really taking such good care of him and keeping on top of his health. His thoroughness of care is unmatched. I can never thank him enough for him taking me in 25 years ago and being truly the best dr that I’ll ever know. Thank you Dr Legare for taking care of my family.