Dr. Nevins went the extra mile

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| March, 16 2020 | for Christopher Nevins, MD, FACP

Several years ago I was having a problem with my right hand . My hand was swelling really bad as well as hurting tremendously. My local Doctor had examined me several times and was telling me I had severe arthritis in that hand and his treatments were showing no positive results. I went in to see Dr. Nevins to see if he agreed with the diagnosis and after his initial examination he headed in a different direction. He called in an Infectious disease Doctor that was located in the same building and he came down and examined me within 30 minutes after which they both agreed that I had a greater problem and they checked me into Methodist Hospital that afternoon. I was in surgery that night and it was later determined that I had contracted a rare salt water bacterial infection in the hand while on a salt water fishing trip 2 weeks earlier. After several surgeries ,two weeks in the hospital and 6 months of specific antibiotics my hand was back to normal.
Thanks to Dr. Nevins I was correctly diagnosed and treated and had a good outcome . Had he not been so thorough I don't know what the possible result could have been but I honestly believe he probably saved my hand.