To Dr. Ost - She got right on it!

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Wendy A
| March, 23 2020 | for Mary-Anne Ost, MD

Several years ago I had an incident with my speech and I really didn't think anything was wrong, it seemed so minor and it went away. A day later a friend urged me to tell my doctor, which I did, and Dr. Ost was immediately on top of it suspecting a stroke. And indeed she was correct, the MRI proved her suspicions. She didn't stop there: she got me to a great Penn neurologist and an excellent cardiologist. While they were never able to determine exactly what caused the stroke, Dr. Ost has been vigilant ever since making certain that I am taking an aspirin each day along with my vitamins, B12, etc..... And the annual blood screening from the Cleveland Blood Lab has helped her keep an eye on my arteries, any unwanted build-up, etc.... I really feel like she has my back, she really cares, and when I meet with her it is like I am her only patient! Thank you very much Dr. Ost!