Dr Philip Abraham

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| January, 22 2024 | for Philip Abraham, MD, FACP

In September 2023, I had been experiencing some numbness in my right arm initially, then my entire right side. I put it off to having lost over 40 lbs over the last year and having my belt to tight. I thought I was compressing a nerve. I loosened my belt and it cleared up. Over the next several days I had a few more episodes, but seeing i was in better shape than I have been in years I kept thinking it was minor as these episodes only lasted a few seconds. On my 4th day from the initial episode, my vision doubled. I thought I should probably check with my Dr. I emailed, then i texted Dr. Abraham. He called my right away and I described what was happening and asked him if i could get worked up for Lyme disease as I have been bitten several times and the symptoms could line up. He said that would be great for it to be easy like that, but I really think it is more serious. Eat an aspirin right now and go to the ER. I did, and I am glad I did. I did suffer a TIA, and was in the hospital for 3 days being treated and observed. I have reached out to Dr Abraham a few times on other things and he is always very prompt in getting back to me. I am very happy to have him as my primary and glad I joined MDVIP. Dr Abraham is a fantastic Dr, and deserves acknowledgement.