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Deborrah - Debbie
| March, 12 2024 | for R. Scott Mills, MD
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I consider myself blessed to have Dr. Mills as the provider caring for me. He listens and totally respects my opinion and the fact that I know my body better than anyone else. Given that, he always presents facts such as with lab and exam results. But instead of being quick to pop me on a pill or refer me out to someone else because he doesn’t have time for me, he always seeks my input and we work TOGETHER to come up with the best course of action to keep me thriving and well.

We have been working together on a plan for almost 1 year now to decrease my LDL and the associated small particles that were continuing to rise each year. He suggested a Cardiac CT to look at my Calcium Score. I do have some calcification in my LAD (widow maker) artery. After getting these results, he brought me in and we had a discussion putting all of the pieces together and explaining the risks to me. Even though medication was involved in the course of action, it wasn’t the magic pill! We also discussed diet (limiting carbs to 100 net per day), increasing exercise, and increasing Omega supplements. I have been very diligent in following this plan and within the first 6 months, had a 79% improvement on the numbers in my labs. Having this type of collaboration with a doctor that truly listens and cares is empowering. I am a 69 year old Registered Nurse and take my health very seriously. I want to be the best I can be for many years to come. I retired about 1 1/2 years ago and continue my passion for Nursing through a Volunteer position providing care to the homeless and uninsured. I travel occasionally with my husband which allows me to enjoy the mountains and ocean! I am very active and feel fantastic!!!

Dr. Mills is very knowledgeable, kind and a gentle spirit. He studies and stays well-informed on current trends, changes and advances in medicine. He shares this knowledge with his patients which, in my opinion, gives one a sense of being part of your own Care Team. Instead of being bounced around in a system where you never really get answers or understand what is going on in your body, you are given the unique opportunity to be involved in the healing process and making a difference in the course of your own lifespan. I truly feel that he has my health and well-being high on his list in caring for me. I recommend him and am proud to name him as my Provider of Choice. Thank you Dr. Mills😊