Dr. Renata Martin is the best!

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Stuart and Frances
| March, 7 2024 | for Renata Martin, MD

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Renata Martin in our lives. She is caring, listens, spends time and has a magical way of making us feel better. She never leaves a stone unturned and is a wonderful diagostician. We never feel rushed when we are in the office. Her staff, Charlotte and Jay, are second to none. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma, Dr. Martin was a lifesaver. She gave me hope that my condition was treatable. She made an appointment for me to see the oncologist the very next day following my diagnosis. She followed my health diligently. Dr. Martin sees us regularly for check-ups following our physicals. She answers all our questions and we appreciate her advice and good care. We wish Dr. Martin a wonderful Doctor's Day. She is so deserving of all the accolades she receives. We don't know what we would do without her!