Dr. Robert E. Ellis a caring compassionate friend!

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| March, 28 2020 | for Robert E. Ellis, MD

I had a suspicious area show up on my lung on an x-ray for something else, so Dr. Ellis sent me to a pulmonologist who discovered a fungal infection. He put me on three different antibiotics for a year. It was a very long year because the medications had side effects but they worked and cured my problem. Without Dr. Ellis’ intervention I would have gone without treatment.

On another occasion I thought I was having heart flutters, but Dr. Ellis thought there was more to it so he sent me for tests which showed my esophagus was not functioning properly and he Dr. Ellis put me on a medication to keep it working right.
Both of these times he spent a lot of time with me to make sure he was making the right diagnosis! He made all the appointments for which made it much easier for me. He always takes so much time to listen and understand my problems!

I have been a patient of Dr. Ellis ever since he started practicing and I feel very blessed
to be under his care. He goes above and beyond in order to get to the bottom of your problem. I have talked to several people who complain that they do t know why their doctor can’t fined what their health problems are and I tell them they are going to the wrong doctor!
Dr. Ellis is like family and I would hate to think that I would ever have the need to go to anyone else! If I sound like I love my doctor I really do!!!