Dr Russell Treats His Patients with Exquisite Care

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William C
| March, 14 2020 | for Chris B. Russell, MD

Those words were spoken about Dr Russell by my husband's long time cardiologist at a recent heart exam. Dr Russell does indeed treat his patients with the utmost care, respect and "fine doctoring".

My husband Bill has been a patient of Dr. Chris Russell's since Dr Russell opened his practice in Huntsville, AL. Now, we would follow him anywhere.

Bill has had a number of serious health problems, especially since a very debilitating stroke in March, 2003. Since then, in addition to aches and pains due to life and advancing age, Bill has had bypass surgery, a pace maker, another light stroke, some accidents that required medical help, as well as things we would consider minor except for his existing disabilities and age. Dr. Russell has been attentive to every need. He is very deliberate in his assessments and diagnosis and treatments. He listens well before he makes suggestions. He's never hesitant to seek consults with other specialists. Dr Russell has no ego problems that keep him from using all resources available.

In addition his office remains a pleasant place with a competent and caring staff. Shelia and Elizabeth not only know how to conduct their business, but they are loving and caring people - the kind you would expect Dr Russell to employ.

So far, 2020 has been a particularly difficult year for my husband beginning mid Dec, 2019. Dr Russell has answered every call, met every need including meeting us at his office on Christmas Day. He researches what needs to be done, how to adjust new medicines or remedies with existing ones, and always seems to have the answers inside his head or knows where to look. Amazingly, he is always available for a phone consult with direction.

One characteristic I particularly appreciate is that my husband - a professional educated engineer with strong opinions of his own - truly respects Dr Russell and just almost always seems to improve after an office visit. That's the kind of characteristic I greatly appreciate and admire in a world where so much is mechanized. Dr. Russell is real and he treats real people - and he knows it.

We are very grateful for Dr Russell and his staff. We are confident my husband is in good hands with Dr. Russell's care and know we can depend on him in all medical situations