Dr. S Mikos

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| January, 24 2024 | for Stephen Mikos, MD

Dor Mikos is "easy to reach"--via phone! Example: This past July, I had a major down-stairs fall--no broken bones but with a "major" black and blue spot on each butt-check! Was flying to MA, but wife and daughter said I shouldn't fly! So, at 6:30am, I text a "butt-checks" picture to Dr M! Within 20 minutes, he called and "gave the green light" to go--said, since no broken bones, fly to Boston--and if any pain, take Tylenol and "enjoy"! On a couple of other ocassions, when I passed on a health concern to his nurse, Carol, he called, listened to my issue and prescribed an antibiotic--which "cured" my issue! I communicate with Dr M's Nurse Carol twice a week via my passing-on blood pressure/heart-rate readings; on occasion, I have a question and request a response. The same day, I get my answer--via a phone call from Dr M or a Carol email.