Dr. Sandra Bruno

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| March, 13 2024 | for Sandra D.M. Bruno, MD

I’ve been with Dr. Bruno before MDVIP. Almost 25 years. In 2004, I had many unexplained episodes of different symptoms. On a Monday morning in December of 2004, I called the office for an appointment and with Dr. Bruno’s urgency for concern, got me in with her, then to a second opinion doctor within the same week. Although both agreed with the results, we discussed and decided I’d go to MD Anderson in Houston for a 3rd and final opinion for a confirmation of multiple sclerosis. She has been with me and there for me ever since. In 2021, she also found and got me in for kidney cancer. She takes it upon herself to intervene and follow up whenever needed from any of my other doctors, staying on top of every visit and summary of results; offering to set up blood work, MRI’s, X-rays, scans, etc; whatever is needed in order for me to stay home and not travel so often. It doesn’t matter if it’s thru the week or on the weekend, in the day or in the nighttime, she will always answer the call or text. There are so many instances, moments, and times where she has shown her compassion and concern for me as a patient and her commitment as a doctor. When she switched to MDVIP, I thought I couldn’t afford to continue with her, but I also knew that I couldn’t afford not to. I am forever grateful for all she does and for the person that she is.