Dr Sbat caring for my husband

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| March, 13 2024 | for Kennedy J. Sbat, DO, FCCP

My husband, who passed in June 2023 after a 13-year illness that started with lung cancer and developed into severe COPD, was a patient of Dr Kennedy Sbat when Dr Sbat was in practice as a pulmonologist. A strong bond was developed by both my husband and Dr Sbat. When Dr Sbat left his former practice to join MDVIP, my husband and I followed. He was wonderful with Denny and offered him strong advice and encouragement. As my husband’s health deteriorated in the last year, it became too difficult for him to make the monthly trip to the office. The last office visit Denny made resulted in his oxygen levels dropping to the low 70’s. Dr Sbat called for an ambulance to take Denny to the hospital for a few days of respiratory therapy. Denny would become extremely stressed when he had to leave the house—even though he had portable oxygen. It was decided that Denny should get hospice care and in addition, Dr Sbat decided to make monthly house calls to care for my husband and administer his steroid shot. Denny always took Dr Sbat’s hand when doctor was ready to leave and told him “God bless you for all you do!” He made my husband’s last months so much better and Denny (and i) were extremely grateful for his genuine care and compassion. He is a good man and a great physician. It is difficult to put into words how much Dr Sbat means to me and my late husband.