Dr. Shannon Greer goes above and beyond always. He always makes time for me, never makes me feel like I'm an inconvenience. Listens to me and remembers what I say. He shows compassion, respect, and professionalism no matter the circumstances.

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| February, 11 2024 | for Shannon S. Greer, DO

When I first met Dr. Shannon Greer I had a terrible problem with my thyroid. My endocrinologist had abruptly left his practice, due to medical reasons of his own. I found Dr. Greer by chance. I had my consultation visit and he listened to me and my symptoms so intently. He ordered bloodwork, compared the results with previous blood tests and said I'm gonna try this to balance out your thyroid. Your tests are a bit erratic, but I think this might work. He prescribed me 2 different medications, we waited 3 months, drew blood again, compared the results and my numbers were so much better. From that day on He's been my doctor and I recommended many of my friends and family to him. He's the only person I trust with my medical care.