Dr. Sharon Chaney and her team are incredible!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Sharon B. Chaney, MD

My best friend, Anita, and I joined MDVIP a few years ago. We had very few health issues but had heard great things about MDVIP and wanted to try it. We visited Dr. Chaney's office and both of us were immediately impressed with the personable nature of the doctor and her staff. All went well until right before Christmas of 2019. Anita, who is married to my cousin and is mother to my godson, realized she might have breast cancer. She contacted Dr. Chaney who smoothed the way for appointments, made recommendations and called frequently to check on how Anita was doing. This was especially important because Anita had chosen not to worry her friends and family and did not tell anyone except Dr. Chaney. She didn't want to ruin everyone's Christmas!

Not only did Dr. Chaney provide medical support, she also provided emotional and mental support for Anita while she was going through an extremely stressful ordeal by herself. Currently, Anita has one more chemotherapy appointment to take and then will be scheduling her double mastectomy. Dr. Chaney's contacts with Anita's oncologist, her surgeon and the plastic surgeon who will do the reconstructive surgery have been invaluable. Throughout this process, she has continued to call to check on Anita, call her to review her test results with her and clarify anything that needs clarifying. The plastic surgeon is semi-retired and only takes a few cases. Dr. Chaney was able to coordinate his services.

Through this experience, Dr. Chaney has gone from a doctor to a friend! Lyndsey and Jennine work closely with Dr. Chaney and have gone the extra mile as well.