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| February, 15 2024 | for Geetha Srinivasan, MD

I have been the longest with Dr. Srinivasan of all my doctors and that is saying a lot because I have had breast cancer twice , chemo, radiation and a heart valve replacement. My doctors are in Philadelphia HUP and in Princeton.

At my most recent appointment on Febuary 1, my husband came in with me to see her. I have always told him how wonderful she is, listening, giving me helpful suggestions, writing prescriptions and giving me referrals to specialists. This last visit with Dr. Srinivasan was over an hour. My husband could not understand why I stayed with her after she joined MDVIP because of the $2000 a year fee, which, both of us being on fixed income now, is a lot to afford. After seeing how she interacted with me, he told me he now understands why I stayed with her and wished his own Internal Medicine doctor took as much time with him.

I always say she is the best! I also like the helpful medical advice MDVIP posts online.