Dr. Srinivasan Saved My Life!

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| March, 10 2024 | for Geetha Srinivasan, MD

About eight years ago, I walked into the doctor's office for a previously scheduled appointment. The routine started well enough, but, thankfully, Dr. Srinivasan had a standard, yet, what seems now, to be looking back, a prescient practice of her nurse taking an EKG first. This one step proved providential in my case. When she walked into the exam room with the chart in her hand, she could tell there was something abnormal with it and she called it to my attention. Aftera brief conference with me, she got in touch, right away with my cardiologist and faxed him the chart. They both agreed then and there I need to be admitted at the local hospital in Princeton, New Jersey. After spending overnight, I was taken by ambulance to the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where I was under expert care, administered a stent and discharged the following day. If Dr. Srinivasan had not caught the issue then, I am not sure would be alive today to write this testimonial. My gratitude to her will stay with me forever.