Dr Steven Gerber

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| February, 11 2024 | for Steven L. Gerber, MD

I am fairly new to Dr Steven Gerber’s practice and can say as a retired Advance Practice Nurse who finds the general health care system quite broken now… have been so very surprised and pleased by my care with Dr.Gerber. His genuine concern , compassion, and clinical expertise are beyond anything I expected to find.. I feel at last that there is truly someone who has taken the time to learn all about me in order to provide the best care possible., and my appreciation for that cannot be overestimated. I also appreciate his commitment to providing me with all the necessary guidance to keep me in the best of health, coordinating and communicating with my other specialists when needed. He is the best example of what a trusted physician should be . I feel so confident to have him as “Captain of the Ship”’ for my general care.