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| March, 10 2024 | for S. Steven Kim, MD

I don't really have Blood Pressure problems but I take a low dose of BP medicine because of my new an aortic valve. In fact, BP is farest thing from my mind. Then all of sudden on a Saturday night for no reason whatsoever, my blood decided to spike significantly. And it stay spiked. When I acknowledged this needs attention, the first thing I thought was is I DON'T want to go the ER. I know how busy the ER is. Since I was new to Henderson and new to Dr Kim's practice I had forgotten he had given both my husband and I his cell phone number. I hated to impose on him, I felt he was probably enjoying his evening; but, I took him up on his offer to take calls. I'm glad I did, He said he was glad I called - (sweet guy because he was out to dinner with friends). He told me to double up my BP medicine and continue to monitor it and call him back in an hour. The problem resolved itself in the hour.

I willl never take calls to the doctor in his off hours lightly but I'm so glad he makes himself available.

Thanks to you DR Kim, he really made it easy for me to feel relaxed and even evently well.