Dr. Strother is truly a gift

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| March, 9 2024 | for Kathryn G. Strother, MD

I started seeing Dr. Strother over 10 years ago. I came to her from doctors who didn’t give me the time of day and thought I was making everything up. Dr. Strother truly listened to me, all of my health issues, and took care of all of my concerns. Five years ago, I came into her office because I felt like something was off and she immediately knew I had something autoimmune going on and she went above and beyond ordering tests to see what I had. Come to find out I have a rare form of diabetes and she took the extra time to run extra tests to make sure I had the correct diagnosis. She also made special calls to get me information from the endocrinologist so that she could make sure I had what I needed in the time I had to wait to see the endocrinologist. She is truly a gift and has made such a positive impact on my life! I truly believe I would not be as healthy as I am today if not for her and her incredible team.