Dr. Tamayo

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| April, 9 2024 | for Raul E. Tamayo, MD

I cannot begin to say enough about my experiences with Dr. Tamayo. He is truly the personification of what a doctor should be. I have had many doctors in my lifetime and I have never met one more caring, dedicated and thorough as Dr. Tamayo. He absolutely goes above and beyond for his patient. The time he spends explaining the results of my physicals is invaluable and his referrals to specialists have been nothing but the best. He is an amazing listener and is willing to be flexible and accommodating in his treatments. Prior to my hip surgery he called to wish me well which meant a great deal to me. He is quick to follow up with a call whenever there is a need. I have had cellulitis several times and although some calls were made on the weekend, he was quick to respond and call in a prescription. HIs staff are also amazing and dedicate their time trying to assist you.
Dr. Tamayo is a wonderful gift to me and he is greatly appreciated!