Dr. Thomas Darrell- Caring and Compassionate

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| February, 18 2024 | for Thomas C. Darrell, MD
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Dr. Thomas Darrell has always listened to me and given great advice and guidance, even when I failed to follow it. He advised me to see a cardiologist when he detected an abnormal sound in my heart beat. I eventually had to have an aortic valve replacement. He listened to me express my anxiety and offered to help me get counseling. I was not comfortable with that and asked for some medication for mild anxiety. He prescribed Sertraline, which was a great help. He always asked about my physical and mental health. His care and compassion have been his way of life as clearly evidenced by the photos of his many trips abroad to serve underprivileged and neglected people. He has been a great doctor for me. May God bless Dr. Darrell as he has been a blessing to others.