Dr. Victor Knopp

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| January, 19 2024 | for Victor C. Knopp, MD, FAAFP

My husband, John had gone to Dr. Knopp for years. I had another Dr.
John became very ill and had to be put on life support, and of course another Dr. because the specialist that was needed; but that did not stop Dr. Knopp from checking on him. After he would finish seeing his other clients, he would go see John in ICU. I can remember a call around 11:00 p.m. one night Dr. Knopp letting me know he had just seen him and giving me an update. When I didn't understand what was going on, Dr. Knopp always made time for me to explain things.
After John passed away I received the nicest hand written letter from Dr. Knopp .... he's been my Dr. ever since!