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| March, 11 2024 | for Jennifer Walden-Fain, MD

About three years ago My Family Doctor retired after taking care of my parents and myself, for almost 50 Years. I have a large group of friends who were talking about an MDVIP Doctor that they now had as there primary care Physician. Every one of these some 25 couples were raving about great their doctor was, and encouraged me to try and see her. I called, and was informed that she was not taking any more clients. I talked to her assistant and asked if I could be put on a waiting list. I waited for over a year and kept calling but still no opening. I finally asked one of her patients and close friend to see if they could help. Much to my delight she agreed to meet with me and I have been a patient for over two years.
I have never known a doctor who has been more helpful and patient with me as I have had a number of health issues over the Last year. Doctor Walden-Fain is revered By all of my Friends and Have said " She has never failed to return my call whenever I have had a health Issue, Night or day." What is more doctor Walden-Fain has a ready response and solution to whatever the Issue may be.
In a day when so many doctors are overwhelmed with patients, Doctor Walden-Fain always has an answer and response no matter what day or time
I am not sure about all of the other MDVIP Doctors, But if Doctor Walden=fain is an example of all her peers, I will be the first to Highly recommend her to your group.