Dr. Welch is the best!!

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| March, 25 2020 | for N. Spencer Welch, MD

I can only express the best in regard to Dr. Spencer Welch!! I started seeing him last fall when I was looking for an Endocrinologist who could address the issues I was experiencing with Type 1 diabetes and out of the necessity to find a doctor who would listen and take my issues seriously. I was in need of a knee replacement and had obtained medical clearance from all of my doctors with the exception of my Endocrinologist who denied it for no medical reason. Dr. Welch listened and advised me on my issues around my diabetes and also granted medical clearance for my surgery which has changed my life significantly. He was instrumental in obtaining a diagnosis on my abnormal mammogram which I was unsuccessful in obtaining after over two weeks. He called me and gave me the results immediately after receiving them. He is also my primary care doctor and has helped me with other issues that needed attention and he has followed through with resolutions to abnormal results that required further testing. I am so glad I found him and hope he will be my doctor for many years.