Dr. Wise is a fine doctor

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| March, 1 2018 | for John M. Wise, MD

Most of my life I have dreaded going to the doctor because I am a great believer in Denial. I was raised on denial (it's on my family coat of arms) and so I knew I was going to get bad news, be hurt (stuck with a needle), and/or be told to give up one of my favorite earthly pleasures whenever I visited a doctor. That all changed when I began visiting Dr. Wise. I continued to receive the occasional jolt of bad news, am stuck with needles (hurt), and even told to cease and desist on some of my much-loved earthly pleasures. Nevertheless, he does it in such a positive and nice southern kind of way (you must be born and raised in the south to understand what I mean by this) that it does not seem so bad. Because of this and some other factors, l try to do these things. I am not always 100 successful but maybe partially so. In closing Dr. Wise is considered a gift by my wife and I and that is why we are willing to sacrifice and incur the additional annual expense of belonging to MDVIP; we are in ore 70's, retired and live on a fixed income with most of what should be disposable income being disposed on medications and health related expenses. However, as that wise old philosopher Doris Day once said, Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. Oh, did I mention that the fact that Dr. Wise is a #$& fine doctor also has something to do with our loyalty to him.
Charles C. and I am speaking for my wife Judith C. as well