eliminated my anxiety

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| January, 19 2024 | for Andrew E. Krupitsky, DO

Because I have AFIB, I check my BP and pulse daily. One day, I did not get around to checking until 8:30 . My BP, that had been averaging 130/75 was 189/103 for no apparent reason. This really scared me. I called Dr. Andrew Krupinsky on his personal cell phone I WAS able to reach him long after office hours.. He questioned me extensively.. Since I had NO sympoms of any type he told me to take an addtional metaprololl. Sure enough, my BP went down to 144/80 in a halfhour.. Since I was approaching normal, Dr. Krupinsky told me to come in the next morning for an EKG and his exam of my heart. It was SUCH a relief to be able to be able to contact him after hours. It took away my anxiety. I really appreciate Dr. Krupinsky.