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| February, 20 2024 | for William W. Bucy, MD

Early in the morning on Thursday, December 12, 2023 my wife awakened with severe neck and shoulder pain. I phoned Dr. Bucy's office, explained the nature of my wife's pain, and requested that she be seen as quickly as possible. Fifteen minutes later, she and I were in Dr. Bucy's office. He conducted a thorough evaluation of her condition with primary emphasis on ruling out potential cardiovascular involvement. He then sent us to Methodist Germantown Hospital for a series of head/neck x-rays. Fast forward to Thursday afternoon - Dr. Bucy called our home and provided us with the feedback he had received from the Methodist x-rays and recommended a follow-up visit with a local Neurologist. He personally contacted the Neurologist's office to expedite the appointment. BOTTOM LINE: In a period of nine hours from the onset on symptoms to scheduling a specialist follow-up appointment, Dr. Bucy maintained constant contact with my wife and myself. His obvious concern for my wife's condition was evident throughout the process. Please don't let Dr. Bucy retire!!!