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| March, 13 2020 | for Brooks S. Lide III, MD

Losing my husband of 57 years was a devastating, life changing event. It has been wrenching emotionally, psychologically and physically. A new role as head of household with the responsibility of maintenance
..."Is it broken"....""Who do I call"....."How do I know what brand or features to buy?"....'Am I capable to handle these things".
Traveling without my husband for first time in 57 years. Getting sick or injured on trips. The slowing down and physical handicaps of traveling at 80 plus years. Medication needs abroad. It has been a frightening time. Dr Lide has listened patiently and with empathy. He has shared the grief of his own recent losses and coping mechanisms. He has ordered meds for me to cover possible illness while traveling abroad. He has made the time to see me quickly when I return from a trip with injury or illness.
He has encouraged me when I expressed concern that perhaps I was too old to travel abroad or across country. He said "Don't you dare stop. If you do, you will rust. Just keep going and I am here when you need me" That reassurance is priceless. He has secured referrals with really terrific specialists when needed. And patiently listened to my own feelings/refusals of certain meds and respected my wishes. I trust him completely.. Thank you, Dr Lide.