Enthusiasm and Mutual Listening

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| March, 10 2024 | for Jeffrey Heckert, MD, FAAFP

This month my yearly evaluation indicated Optimal Relative Risk in all Cardiometabolic parameters. This was an improvement from the last two yearly evaluations where there were many Moderate Relative Risks. Dr. Heckert had been encouraging me to start a statin, my first medication. I wanted to continue to pursue diet and exercise. When once again it was not enough, I started a low-dose statin six months ago combined with an exercise trainer two months ago and more focused exercise. Being a nurse from a medical family and being well-over 65, I realized the importance of these results. I was estatic as was, Dr. Heckert. Through the years Dr. Heckert has always listened to and advised me regarding various concerns from tick bites to fractures and dvt's. I am confident in his wealth of knowledge and value his listening to my side of the story!