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| August, 10 2020 | for Scott L. Rex, MD

We met Dr. Scott Rex in 2007 or 08, when my mother became eligible for Medicare & Medicaid. Before that, our family used to see another GP in Port Washington. When we asked him about my mother, he said he did not accept Medicare, and said there was “a new kid down on Port Boulevard” who “probably does…” so off I went (for mom…) Well… mom immediately fell in love with this “new kid”. Little did our GP know that he wears a cape with a huge “S” on his shoulders, and is able to leap between home, hospitals and office at all times of the day or night with a single bound, and crush all kinds of ailments wherever they may occur. In short order, my family all switched over to this “new kid’s” practice, and have remained for over 12 years. Dr. Rex saved my mom’s life on at least two occasions when she was critically ill, and managed her last days with extraordinary compassion and understanding for both her wishes, and our family’s needs. He was there holding her hand when she passed away ~ I was unaware, attending a work meeting in NYC until he called me with the news, and with real emotion in his voice. I will always be grateful for that, as I know how much she loved and respected him. Thank you, Dr. Rex. And then, a few years later, I had outpatient nasal surgery at a local specialist’s office... I was given a huge dose of oral sedatives and painkillers to suppress the anticipated pain (which I never felt during the procedure) that kicked in with full effect after the event, as my wife drove me home. Needless to say, I was a lump of soundly-somnambulant, 170 lb blubber when we arrived home, and she was just totally unable to get me out of the car and up the steps. Well.. providence, or a sixth sense, sent a certain caped crusader our way as she was struggling to get me out of the car and into the garage… Dr. Rex hauled all of me out and up a flight of stairs to the living room couch. Afterwards, he said it would have been funny if he had fallen down the steps with me ~ and we’d both ended up in adjoining hospital beds ! Funny …haha ~ but NOT. In our conversations (doctor-patient and other), we have found a shared interest in music and in my line of work, which he shared in a past incarnation as “Wonder Pool-Builder”. To my great surprise, I was standing in line to get into a Stevie Wonder concert at MSG a couple of years ago, and Dr. Rex and Laura joined the line right behind us (!), tapped my shoulder and started a conversation about the show and other performances we’d been to…. We have added our musical interests and experiences to the long, detailed & incisive medical inquests he conducts when he holds my physical reviews: it’s always a relief and fun to share a bit more than the somber stuff about lipid profiles, killer fat cells and dour probabilities of getting XYorZ in the upcoming “golden” years. Makes a big difference how a REAL doctor handles reality and quells anxieties ~ while earnestly telling me just how much he fears for my fellow countrymen (Indians) because of their horribly poor diet… I always feel I’m in good hands. And then, along came a spider: Covid-19 !!! ….with its long, and sticky web. Without divulging sensitive details, I know and appreciate, that Dr. Rex pushed a lot of boundaries to get my wife and me out of that entanglement, that is still not fully understood. Most others would not have done half as much. We’re definitely around to tell the tale because he listened and had great judgement ~ far more than those in a higher, whiter domicile. But, Yes, he’s been wonderful to us. One of the specialists I saw some years ago in Manhasset described Dr. Rex as “the finest internist he knows” and I, and a lot of folks in Port Washington, would fully agree. Thank you, Dr. Rex, and Thank you Laura, for sharing him with us. It’s a great show ~ don’t let the roadies take the stage.