Excellent service 24/7!!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Benjamin Mena, MD, FACP

I called Dr Mena during evening hours, after 8pm to be exact, I was having flu like symtoms & problems with heavy congestion & breathing to the point I felt I needed immediate medical attention. After explaining my condition to Dr Mena, he told me he was in his car driving & that he would pull over when he could so he could have access to his computer & would send in 2 prescriptions to CVS pharmacy for me to take now & call his office in the AM for an appointment so he could check my condition, also he called to check to see how I was feeling!!! Dr Mena is the best!!!!! He cares about my well being as his patient & gives me all the time I need to listen to my medical concerns & explain everything in detail to me. I’m totally happy & trust Dr Mena fully with all my medical needs!!!! He is extremely knowledgeable & treats me with such a high class of respect & dignity!!! I’m 78 years young, under Dr Mena’s care, I look forward to my senior years knowing I have a top notch Doctor 24/7!!!! I thank you Dr. Mena!!!