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| March, 14 2024 | for Yong Hui Ahn, MD
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I am a 76 year old man that over the years have had a series of crazy maladies that have affected my health but not my spirit. My wife and I are from Chicago, where we raised our children and then moved to California for a position change and where we lived for the past 10 years until we decided we wanted to move to Park City for our later years. We always enjoyed PC with our kids and now look forward to enjoying it again with our kids and grandkids. When we got here, my health took a nose dive with pulmonary problems and cardiac issues. Spending several days in the hospital to determine if my issues were related to my myasthenia gravis, my A-Fib or the altitude. I got out of the hospital with somewhat of a preliminary plan for my health plan but then a freaky accident occurred when I broke my hip which was replaced and my shoulder which was isolated. We determined that we have to have an GP that we could call. Finding an internist in Park City was impossible but with the help of friends we heard about Dr. Yong Hui Ahn. She agreed to interview us in order to determine whether she had room in her practice for us. She must have determined, that I was such an "interesting" case that she accepted us. This as it turns out was a wonderful blessing for us. Over the years, living in Chicago, Virginia, Sonoma California we had dealt with many internists. All with few exceptions really just provided a minimal service, the obligatory check up when we would call for an appointment, the usual wait for an appointment and the obligatory 25 minute session. It didn't matter, most of the doctors we dealt with either had too many patients, too little time or a lack of enthusiasm. We felt that we were pretty much on our own regarding our health, trying to find solutions for problems which in my case included neurological issues, cardiac issues and vision issues. When we moved to Park City we thought it would be the same until we met Dr. Ahn. She is the first Doctor that really took an interest in our health. Our first visits with Dr. Ahn were just getting to know her and for her to assess our health. We were given a wellness exam, which just the testing almost took 2 hours. The test results were completed and then each of us had a sit down with Dr. Ahn where everything was discussed from health issues, social issues, genealogical history, goals, fears, psychological concerns and all for her to get a better understanding of our concerns and health problems so she could better help us. This was amazing! Simply amazing. Since that time as we got more and more familiar with her practices, we realized that this was who she is. A dedicated, hard working, problem solving Doctor. What a great feeling this was for us. She is like our "Health Quarterback" controlling the field of our lives. She has developed plans with other doctors of ours whether she recommended them or we had been dealing with. This has never happened in all of my years of visiting the medical field of practice. It has been an amazing journey with my wife and I with Dr. Ahn, as we are much more optimistic of our health and the realization that we have someone that wants to help us. THANK YOU DR. AHN, WITH ALL OF OUR HEARTS.