Exceptional service from Dr. Scott Schaeffer

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| March, 11 2024 | for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD

By the age of 80, I had experienced multiple kidney stone episodes going back to 1979. With one exception, being the first episode, medical intervention wasn't needed to pass stones. That changed recently. Sometime in early January of this year, I experienced the classic warning of the likely presence of a stone. Over the next few weeks, I passed a few stones. On a Sunday morning, I noticed I was passing what appeared to be a large amount of blood. I called my doctor, Scott Schaeffer early afternoon that day. Monday morning around 9 AM I received a phone call from his office advising that an appointment had been secured with the urology practice for the next day. That began a 6-week journey culminating with a lithotripsy procedure on March 8, 2024. While the presence of blood might not have been the emergency I first thought, Dr. Schaeffer and his staff's prompt attention to my concern, reassured me of my decision to join his practice as a patient.