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| February, 18 2024 | for Steven L. Gerber, MD

When I had to find a new primary physician about 25 years ago my choice was easy. At the time, I was a RN Quality Assurance coordinator for the Medical Staff at my hospital. I had the privilege of serving on that committee with Dr Gerber. His wealth of knowledge and true concern for his patients was above and beyond that of other physicians. His wealth of knowledge was always appreciated by his peers on the committee.
Shortly after becoming his patient I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Words cannot express how caring and attentive he was to me. He treated me like I was family making sure I got the necessary testing and saw the best surgeon immediately. Coincidentally, my team of doctors all had last names beginning with “G”. I truly believe that I’m still here today because of his swift response to my medical needs.
I could go on and on about Dr Gerber’s compassion, skills, and attention to detail. He truly is a lifesaver!