Feeling TRULY seen

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| February, 14 2024 | for Michael R. Book, MD

I am 77yrs old and had never really been to a doctor before, except when I had my babies. I grew up in a home where food was medicine and sauerkraut was the treatment from sore throats to stomach aches. Not all bad but....... Then enter Dr Book and my first real check ups and blood work. all kind of scary to me. Well, he is the kindest, most aware , involved Dr ..who spends real time getting to know me and go over my individual whole person ! How comforting !! And he has been my husband's Dr for longer...will never forget his meeting my husband on a Sunday to check out his eye that had had a scary flare up. What a great Dr in the truest sense. Dr Book, Larry and I truly appreciate all your goodness and everyone in your office. You run an organized, efficient ship. You make us feel safe and cared for. and you work very hard!1