Finally, a Doctor who listens and truly cares.

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| March, 9 2018 | for Laraine T. Field, MD

Finally, a Doctor who listens and truly cares. Dr. Field is excellent. When I joined as a new patient, she was the first doctor in 15 years that took the time to listen and to ask about my health history in order to help address a few of my nagging concerns. She provides in depth explanations in a way that I can understand and act on! She is knowledgeable in analyzing results and somehow finds time to stay current on trends and research. After one visit, she called me later saying, I was just thinking further about what you told me and had some more thoughts. I was blown away the first time she did that! Talking to her is like talking to a friend. Shes so personable and has a great sense of humor. I trust her.