Forever Grateful

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| February, 29 2024 | for Shreelakshmi Ramaswamy, MD

Dr. Ramaswamy, I will be forever grateful for the care you gave me during the month of December when my leg became infected after my Mohs Surgery. You made time in your schedule almost EVERY day in December to care for my infection!! You took phone calls from me on nights and weekends when I needed your advice of what to do next. I was so frightened and worried about the infection and each time you changed the bandage and took measurements and photographs, I left your office feeling encouraged and hopeful. You took the time to correspond with my surgeon in Sarasota, to give him updates, send him photographs, and discuss the next course of action. You changed my medications and found better antibiotics to fight the infection. You gave me better bandages to use to protect my infection. By the end of our visits in December, I was so much more confident that we had gotten to the place where my surgery site could heal. I traveled back to Florida feeling such gratitude for your medical help and your constant caring for me as your patient. And now the site is completely healed thanks to you. I also appreciated the advice you gave me when I woke up with shoulder pain on December 27. You were so wise to give me a referral for a doctor and physical therapy in Sarasota so I could return to Florida and begin treatment. You also gave me some of your favorite exercises to begin doing immediately to give me some relief. Yes, Dr. Ramaswamy, I will be forever grateful for your EXTRA care. You went above and beyond. I have praised your help and care to my family and friends. I am in awe of the special attention you gave me. Many, many thanks. With love and gratitude...