Frank Rose, M.D.

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| February, 19 2024 | for Frank J. Rose, MD

Dr. Rose is the most empathetic and caring doctors. He not only has been there for me when I needed reassurance, but when I needed help in caring for my husband. My husband recently underwent total knee surgery and day 4 to 5 after surgery severe pain kicked in. I called Dr. Rose who helped me adjust his meds and assured me everything will get better. Three calls were placed that day, but each time Dr. Rose offered the best advice. Another 4 days passed and my husband was experiencing more pain. Yes, it was a Sunday night but again Dr. Rose gave me instructions on how to handle the situation. It worked and for the first time in almost 2 weeks he had a restful night. (Me too). It takes a special doctor to do this and Dr. Rose is that person. He is always there to answer our questions no matter how trivial they may seem and his compassion and deep caring goes beyond. Dr. Rose is the epitome of what a doctor should be.