A Friend When In Need

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| March, 12 2020 | for E. Martin Maida, MD
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A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The primary care physician that I had worked with for over thirty years just didn't seem to be able to communicate with the specialist to whom he had referred me or to discuss a plan of treatment with me. I needed to do something. First, I called upon a network of friends and relations to get referrals to urologists who would evaluate my situation and decide how to best proceed. But more was needed. Maybe the surgeon could remove the cancer but I needed a physician would be there for me 24/7. With most PCP's dealing with excessive case loads of patients, they just don't have the time necessary to treat every patients as a unique individual. I read about MDVIP on line. Maybe their approach is better. After checking their list of participating physicians, I found Dr. Maida. His empathy for me and probably all his patients in amazing. He offered a plan to reduce my weight, reduce my blood pressure medication, and referred me to a cardiac specialist to help clear me for surgery. Always available, always concerned, always ready to help. More than a physician, a friend when in need.