Gerard Boynton - outstanding in every way

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| February, 10 2022 | for Gerard W. Boynton, MD

Dr Boynton has been my family doctor since retiring from US Coast Guard in Aug. 1996. Just 2 months later he was instrumental in saving my life when not knowing I had ruptured my colon. He sent me to hospital on a Wednesday afternoon after I was up the night before with fever and abdominal pain. Diagnosed diverticulitis and would be in hospital for intravenous antibiotics and had ex-ray done that night. Thursday morning early, he came into my room to see how I was doing. After exiting my room, He came back after reading ex-ray report and would have an operation within 45 minutes for a ruptured colon and had Dr May perform the surgery. Dr May said I would have died within 12 hours if this had not been discovered. As long as Dr Boynton is practicing, I would not want another physician. He is outstanding in every regard and staff is the best. He has taken care of me ever since and with MDVIP I have been able to contact him at any hour when I have had recurring diverticulitis.