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| January, 22 2024 | for Kenneth A. Morris, DO

I have been suffering with IBD and severe GERD for decades. I have been to countless gastroenterologists over the years who put me on countless medications but nothing worked. I spent most nights sleeping while sitting up to avoid having acid burning my esophagus and throat. During one of my visits to Dr Morris we talked about how frustrating it has been for me to get the help I needed for my GERD. Dr Morris suggested a medication that I had never heard of before. My gastroenterologists never recommended this medication or its equivalent. Within one week of trying this new medication my GERD seemed to have vanished. I couldn’t believe it. I felt cured. We also discussed a GERD diet and a time to stop eating in the evening.
Now I can get a good night’s rest laying down comfortably. Thank you Dr Morris for being so knowledgeable and caring.