Getting Older Made Easy

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| February, 12 2024 | for James S. Hahn, MD

With Dr. Hahn as my doctor,I can relax about so many things that are continuing nightmares for friends of mine as we all grow older.Things like having problems reaching your doctor,or,in most cases,not even reaching a real person but an answering system.Or things like waiting six months to see your doctor after reporting a serious concern,finally seeing your doctor and realizing that he/she is obviously in s hurry and you better talk fast,or being referred constantly to the doctor’s physician assistant..NONE of this happens with Dr.Hahn.It’s such a comfort knowing I can reach him on his cell,can talk to him as long as I want,can always get excellent advice and the proper referrals,and can definitely feel listened to and understood. All of this enables me to relax about the heath problems that come up as I age and yes,makes getting older a little bit easier.