The giver of life...

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| February, 16 2024 | for Byron F. Harper III, MD
Image provided by: Dorothy

We brought Mom to Dr. Harper a few years ago after she expressed feelings of 'not feeling heard' by her former physician. Soon after seeing the kindest doctor ever (Dr. Harper), he dove just a little bit deeper into Mom's complaints... and found that she had cancer. Had Mom continued with her former physician, her diagnosis would certainly have been delayed and treatment may have looked very different than it does today. Mom is maintaining well and her cancer is at bay! Dr. Harper gave her life. He gave us Mom for a while longer.

There are not enough superlatives for this man and his incredibly high functioning team of support staff (both front and back office). He listens. He responds. He explains everything in detail. He is not the a fabulous physician but a good human being and Christian.
Thank you.