Going the extra mile

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| February, 29 2024 | for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

A few months ago I had a cast on my left hand that was driving me crazy. I called Dr. Trojanovich around 4:30 on Friday night to ask for help in easing my discomfort. Not only did he tell me to come out to histhe office even though the weekend was around the corner. He took a look at my problem, made a phone call to find a colleague who had the right kind of saw to remove a portion of my cast, then he took me in his car halfway across town to get the offending part of the cast removed! The entire event took more than an hour out of Dr. Trojanovich's Friday afternoon after the office had closed. Not only that, he also cheerfully took me home to my house halfway across town in the opposite direction after we were finished. I am so grateful for his generous and resourceful spirit.