Going the Extra Mile

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| March, 6 2024 | for Anthony W. DeLorenzo, DO

Dr. Anthony DeLorenzo is our MDVIP doctor in the Chicago suburbs. He has proven so many times how he loves what he does and is the person who has chosen the right vocation. When my husband fell and was in too much pain to make an office visit Dr. DeLorenzo came to the house. When I fractured my shoulder Dr. DeLorenzo hand carried an X-Ray prescription to the hospital to ensure that I would get immediate attention. He and his team set up an outdoor drive through so we can get our yearly flu shots without getting out of the car - plus - he provides coffee, juice and a breakfast sandwich - It's a party!!!! He provides education through Web classes and one was significant for me. Because of his webinar on Intermittent Fasting (which I now practice) I no longer suffer from migraines which have glagued me for a lifetime.
My husband and I can't thank MDVIP enough for having Dr. DeLorenzo and his team as part of your team and we can't thank him enough for treating us like family.