Going the Extra Mile (literally and figuratively.)

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| January, 20 2024 | for Jules Victor III, MD

I went to the doctor’s office with some abdominal discomfort. After an examination and some discussion, he said he wanted me to go home, get whatever I needed and go to the hospital through the emergency room. I was a brand new resident in a continuing care community where I had not yet made close friends and, by the time I got there, it was after hours for their transportation service. Also, I wasn’t up to dealing with much, so called his office to report my dilemma. He was about to leave for home after a busy day’s work, but instead he came to where I was, managed to get me in his high truck, drove me to the hospital, and came in to see that I was admitted!

PS After three days of every sort of test imaginable, it was determined that my appendix was the problem. When they went in to remove it laparoscopically, they found that it had ruptured, so they had to open my abdomen to completely clean out the cavity.