Golfing on a Saturday afternoon

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| January, 25 2024 | for Bill Grabenstein, MD

I was playing golf with our weekend group one Saturday and happened to be in the foursome with Dr Bill (my MDVIP Dr). I mentioned to him a condition I'd been treated for had returned and that I was going to call his office Monday to get the prescription ordered. A few minutes later, I didn't think anything when he was on a short phone call, as Doctors get calls all the time. About the time we finished our round, I got a text from my pharmacy saying that my prescription was ready for pickup. To my surprise, Dr Bill had called it in during our round of golf. He gives his patients his cell number and says, "Call me anytime you need me, even when the office is closed". What peace of mind, knowing your Dr. is on call 24/7.
Thank you Dr Bill !