Granddaughter's Marriage

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| February, 15 2024 | for Jean P. Haab, MD

In addition to that "special moment" I'd like to start off with how much I appreciate Dr. Haab & her assistant Debbie. I am so pleased with the attentive care & time spent...most importantly Dr, Haab has always correctly diagnosed every ailment I've had & recommended proper treatment. She is so patient & kind & interested in my personal life & any stress that I'm feeling. In connection with that ,when I mentioned that I was nervous about what I would wear at my granddaughter's wedding, she & Debbie were unbelievably helpful giving me advice on how to go about resolving this problem. I am so comfortable with her that I feel she's part of my family....I am so grateful for her support & always look forward to her cheerful demeanor...LUCKY TO HAVE HER IN MY LIFE!!!!!