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| March, 10 2024 | for Ron Eaker, MD, FACOG, ABOM

I’m a fairly new patient of Dr. Eaker. (Not quite 2 yrs). Probably what stands out to me first, that really caught me by surprise, was when he called me from the airport about to leave the country to give me MRI results. That never would’ve happened prior to being his patient.
Second, his willingness to treat or at least attempt to treat symptoms before referring me to a specialist was very much appreciated. He clearly was willing to address a problem himself. He really wants to get to the bottom of a problem if possible.
Lastly, and interestingly so, when we filed our taxes this year, there was quite a difference in medical expenses (prescriptions, appt copays, etc) last year as compared to previous years. My husband even commented “is this all the receipts?” Less prescriptions and doctor visits.
Clearly, having a physician who is really focused on educating patients to hopefully prevent illnesses and being quickly available when needed is truly a benefit and a blessing.